Children’s Film Academy educates children in the art of filmmaking all year round, develops and produces children and youth oriented films, and annually organizes Hungary’s only international children’s film festival.


Children’s Film Academy regularly organizes filmmaking workshops and summer camps for children. The workshop is aimed for children and teenagers between the ages of 10-18 years, and is held at three different locations in Budapest. We annually host approximately. 200 children at our workshops, in small groups of 8-10 person. During the workshop the children use cellphones, tablets and small cameras to make short films, interviews, animations and music videos. Our goal is to teach the children to use their smart devices as creative tools for creating their own stories, comics, and movies. We use our professional filmmaking experience from the fields of directing, acting, screenwriting and editing to help the children in the actualization of their own movie ideas on the screen. At the end of each semester, the films created by the children are screened at a premiere event in a movie theater and also shared on our YouTube channel. More info about the workshops and summer camps can be found here.


We at the Children’s Film Academy are firm believers in the importance of distributing quality children’s movies, for that reason we founded Hungary’s first International Children’s Film Festival, Cinemira in 2018. At the festival we exclusively screen films dedicated for the children audience from all around the world. Cinemira is a prestigious family event, which offers many interactive programs: the whole family can participate in the movie making, animation, casting, movie make-up and stunt workshops. The festival also hosts events for professional filmmakers, masterclasses about the art of children’s cinema and pitch forums.


Children’s Film Academy has founded its own production company, Ginger Squirrel Film Production. We develop and produce films and series based on original ideas that carry values and talk about the real world in entertaining manner. The team of Ginger Squirrel highly values in the ideas and thoughts of children. We believe children know the best what they like to see on the screen. Unprecedentedly we include the children’s direct input all throught the development of our content.